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Babies Teeth Care

So, if your baby’s teeth are in the way, it is time to start taking care of baby’s teeth. Baby teeth care is important for the gum health and for the permanent teeth that will emerge in future. You need to offer the best care to the baby teeth. Your child will have the perfect set of teeth in future if you are careful from now on. A baby who has a good dental hygiene, he/she will avoid many a dental problems of future like gum disease, tooth decay, abscesses. Dental problems are not only painful but also they are expensive. Some of the teeth care tips are important to consider.

Start earlier and much before the baby teeth comes in

Even before the baby tooth comes, you should start cleaning the mouth and gums. After feeding the baby, it is crucial to wipe the gums with wet and warm muslin cloth. You can also take the dampened gauge, wrapped around the fingers, and clean the gums.

Taking care of the teeth the moment they come  

When the baby tooth emerges, start taking care of them. There are parents who think that baby teeth are not important as they will be replaced by permanent teeth. Indeed the baby teeth tend to preserve the very spacing for the teeth that will be permanent. If you do not care for the teeth, they will decay and lead to gingivitis to impact the spacing for permanent teeth.

How to avoid cavities?

Cavities in the baby teeth show in the form of minor pitting and teeth discoloration. Do not put your baby to the bed and leave the bottle in the mouth for long. Make sure the baby does not use the bottle for comfort.

Use toothpaste just at the age of 2

Once the baby teeth develop, start using toothpaste and baby toothbrush having ultra-soft bristles. Just use very tiny smear of toothpaste and brush the teeth twice daily.

Regulate the fluoride intake of the baby

If your baby is not using fluoride toothpaste, make sure the baby gets enough of fluoride. Let your baby drink the tap water as that can prevent tooth decay. Tap water does have fluoride added by communal water suppliers. It is added to benefit the consumer. If the tap water has no fluoride, ask the doctor to recommend a fluoride supplement. It helps a lot in teeth care.

Dental checkup is important

As per the American Dental Association, the baby must get his first dental check up at the age of 1. This is exactly the time when the tooth appears. Only if you take good care of the pearly whites, the baby can develop good dental habits at the later stage.

Avoid sugar intake

When it comes to dental health, sugar is not good. Control your baby’s intake of sugar, and if possible, feed sugary foods during meals only.

There are a lot many things you can do to take care of your baby’s dental health. In between the meals, you can offer fruits and cheese instead of chocolates and candies. You can also increase the calcium intake of the baby.

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