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Caring For Your Gums and Teeth

To avoid gum disease and tooth decay, you need to look after your teeth and gum. Avoiding dental problems is important for your overall health as gum diseases are linked to heart ailments, diabetes and even cancer. Brushing and flossing are the most important part of teeth care and gum care. This fact is emphasized by almost all the dentists. It is important to brush the teeth at least twice daily to get rid of the plague buildup and the film of bacteria clinging to the teeth. You must know that when bacteria hide in the plague and comes in contact with the stuck up foods, they produce acids to cause tooth decay. This can lead to cavity, tooth decay and tooth ache.

Brushing tips

If you are using a fluoride based toothpaste, make sure you do not use too much of it. Just place very small amount of paste or just pea-sized paste on the toothbrush. This toothbrush must be placed against your teeth at an angle of 45 degrees to your gum line. Start brushing your teeth, in a circular motion, by moving it across your teeth. Clean one tooth at a time and this process must go on. Make sure you use only a soft toothbrush. The chewing surfaces of the teeth must be thoroughly brushed to remove the bacteria build up. Clean your upper and lower teeth by using circular motion. When you are brushing your teeth, give your tongue a few strokes gently with the brush. Tongue cleaning will again remove the bacteria buildup and freshen up your breath. Brush your teeth for 3-4 minutes and then rinse thoroughly.

Important tips for flossing

Flossing must again form an important part of your teeth care regimen. It will help you remove the food particles or plague in between the teeth where the brush cannot reach. In case the plague stays between the teeth, it may take the form of tarter to cause heart diseases. Only a dentist will be able to remove the tarter. To avoid such a situation, regularly floss your teeth. Take the dispenser and remove 18 inch floss from it. Now, wind that floss round your middle fingers and start flossing. First you need to floss the top teeth and then the bottom. Use your index finger in order to move the floss in between the teeth. If you push too hard, you may injure the gums. Flossing must be done before the bedtime to avoid the gum disease. Floss in the upward and downward direction between each of your tooth.

Gum cleaning and tongue cleaning

Gum and tongue cleaning is again the important part of oral hygiene. If your tongue and gums are not cleaned, they will retain the film of bacteria to emit foul smell. When brushing your teeth, massage the gums gently with the brush.

Balanced diet and healthy eating

Try to avoid sugary drinks and those food items that are rich in sugar. Cavities mainly develop due to sugary food consumption. For oral hygiene, you must eat a balanced diet.

If you regularly brush and floss your teeth, you will certainly avoid the gum diseases. Eat properly and pay regular visit to the dentist.

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