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Does Teeth Care Change With Age

Teeth change right from birth till you get older and so the teeth care routine must also change. As the need of the teeth change according to the age, proper care is must to consider. Your teeth will be strong, healthy and they will allow you to flaunt a beautiful smile. If you want the best teeth possible, follow the guide stated in the section.

Dental care during childhood

Much before birth, the teeth gets formed and stay within the gums. The first teeth emerge when the infant is between 3 months-3 years of age. It is the front teeth which come first and the molars show up at last. It is recommended that the infant must be taken to the dentist when he/she reaches 2 years of age. Only a gentle cleaning is recommended where one can wipe the teeth with the washcloth and use tooth care products. But, when the teeth begin to grow or touch, flossing is recommended.  However, spacing becomes a major issue when the teeth begin to fall. Regular cleaning and braces is important to consider. It is time to teach oral hygiene techniques. When the permanent teeth begin to come in, sealants are recommended.

Teenage year dental care

This is the time when wisdom teeth begin to emerge. Along with a proper oral hygiene, braces should be considered for straightening. Wisdom teeth are not straight most of the times. Extractions can be considered.

Early adulthood dental care

When you enter adulthood, your teeth show the signs of wear and tear and breaks down owing to the bad habits you catch up. Regular flossing and brushing is again mandatory and you should stick to the good oral hygiene. Do not eat food items rich in sugar and avoid beverages as much as possible. This will prevent teeth staining. If you develop smoking habit during your early adulthood, there is more chance of a bone loss, gum disease and tooth discoloration. Do not neglect your regular cleanings and dental checkups. Teeth cleaning and regular dental checkups will keep your teeth sparkling all the while.

Middle adulthood

This is the stage of life when one becomes more and more busy and so good habits take the backseat. Adults mostly suffer from periodontal issues as plagues build up. If you smoke or drink excessively, mouth and throat cancer screening should form the part of dental check up. If you are not careful, major issues like tooth loss, loss of jaw bone, strokes, heart ailments may occur. Tooth pain may increase as a result of tooth decay and tooth sensitivity. It is important to brush, floss every day and eat right.

Late adulthood

Tooth loss is common here. Poor dietary habits and busy schedule takes a toll over your dental health. Denture is pretty normal at this stage but maintenance is must. To limit pain and bacteria build up, you must clean the denture.

Medicines you consume for other medical conditions will again affect your dental health. Approach a good and reliable dentist to learn about teeth care appropriate for your age. Be aware of mouth cancer at your 60s.

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