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Everything about Teeth Care Along with Dentures

Today we have an assortment of dental care and dental products to get rid of plague and bacteria in a gentle manner. Teeth care is easier than what it was decades back. To have cavity free teeth and to avoid visiting the dentist every now and then, you may learn about dental care tips. Your dental health is of prime importance since it affects the overall appearance of the body, your personality and the health of the mouth. Flossing and brushing the teeth after the meals can prevent gum diseases. The flossing and brushing techniques you use must be proper. But as you age, there will be one or more tooth that will go missing or get deceased. Dentures refer to the prosthetic teeth or false teeth that can make up for the teeth you have lost. If you have lost 1-2 teeth or suffered tooth decay for years owing to periodontal disease, then Dentinogenesis imperfecta is highly recommended. Your teeth will be replaced either partially or fully by the dentures.

What are the various kinds of dentures?

There are mostly two kinds of dentures, namely, complete denture and partial denture. The kind of denture you choose will be dependent on your needs. Partial denture is used when patients have a few missing teeth. Again, in the partial denture, you will be required to choose between fixed or removable variety of denture. A fixed partial denture will be recommended by the dentist when one has lost teeth through teeth extraction or any accident. The fixed denture can be in the form of a bridge arrangement or a crown. On the other hand, removable dentures are similar to the fixed partial denture but lack the crown. They are indeed held in place with the help of clips. Removable denture is less stable when compared to the fixed ones.

When to go for complete denture?

If there is a need to replace the entire teeth, either in the lower jaw or upper jaw, complete denture will be used. When it comes to complete denture, there are mainly four kinds. They can be immediate denture, standard denture, Cu-Sil denture and implant-retained denture. Among the four kinds of dentures, the standard dentures are used when someone has lost the entire set of teeth.

Important facts on dental implants

•    Dental implant is all about using titanium screw fitted into the hole which is drilled in the bone to secure or keep intact the position of the teeth.

•    The very insertion of the implant can eliminate the problem of wearing bone.

•    The implant is mostly placed in a way that it can handle the pressure applied to the denture while chewing the food. So, there is no instance of eroding bone

•    The titanium automatically gets integrated and exposes the implant.

When it comes to teeth care, caution needs to undertaken to prevent teeth decay and cavities. Brushing, flossing, tongue cleaning must form the part of oral care. Drink plenty of water to avoid dry mouth as saliva can prevent periodontal disease and tooth decay. To attain whiter teeth, you may schedule teeth whitening session.  

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