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Professional Teeth Care for Controlling Blood Sugar

Diabetes can impact the entire body including the mouth. In the USA, around 29.1 million people suffer from diabetes. Diabetes is one such disease which impacts the body’s ability to control and process sugar. The food we eat gets converted into sugar and is then used as energy. When we talk about Diabetes, there are mainly two kinds of diabetes, namely, the Type 1 Diabetes and the Type 2 Diabetes. In the Type 1 diabetes, the body fails to produce enough of insulin while in the Type 2 diabetes, the body does not respond to insulin. Both the situations are critical to increase the blood sugar level. An increase in the sugar level is the leading cause of gum disease which leads to the inflammation and bleeding of the gums. Those who have diabetes are more vulnerable to mouth infections and gum diseases. To save yourself from mouth infections due to an increased blood sugar level, professional teeth care is worth considering. It can help to control sugar level to let you enjoy a healthy existence.

The relation between blood sugar level and gum disease

Those who have diabetes, they are at a greater risk of having gum problems due to poor control of the sugar level. If the infection is serious or the gum disease is severe, the blood sugar will rise dramatically. So, it gets even harder to control diabetes as you are more susceptible to deadly infections. With an increase in the sugar level, your ability to fight out germs and bacteria invading your gum reduces.

Regular dental visit is important

As per the latest researches, treating the gum disease and proper teeth care regimen can improve the chance of sugar control. So, the ones who live with diabetes, they can control the very progression of diabetes. By visiting the dentist, you may be motivated to practice a sound oral hygiene. The dentist will schedule teeth cleaning sessions to reduce your HbA1c. HbA1c is the kind of lab test which shows how far you have controlled the sugar level in the last three months. You will get to know how well you control diabetes.

Dental health plan should be taken

Self-care and professional care from the dentist is vital when it comes to enjoying a healthy smile and reducing the sugar level. It will definitely slow down the progression of diabetes. Some of the dental care tips to control the blood sugar level are stated below:

•    To control the progression of gum disease and diabetes, take your diabetes medications regularly and as directed by the physician. Exercising and switching to a healthy diet is important. You can get in touch with a dietician for this purpose. If sugar level is healthy, you will become capable of fighting fungal and bacterial infections in the mouth.
•    Regular cleaning of denture is must to consider
•    See the dentist once in every 4 months
•    Use a soft tooth brush to clean the teeth twice daily.

Dental care can control your sugar level as there is a connection between the two. Professional help must always be taken.

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