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Taking Care of the Teeth during the Festive Season

Festive season is the perfect time to eat, drink and enjoy. Even if you are too much careful or fastidious about teeth care, the festive season may prove harsh on your teeth. Festive goodies like sweets, cookies, candies, cakes, etc, taste delicious but they give your mouth and teeth a lot to deal with. If you get carried away with the spirit of Christmas Eve, your healthy tooth care habits might get slipped a bit. The time period which is the riskiest is from Christmas Eve to the Boxer Day. In fact, this is the time when your teeth suffer a lot. This period can store problems for your near future like cavities getting started the moment you let the guard down. The worst part is that dental clinics might be closed and so if there is any emergency it will be difficult to handle. To keep your teeth in the tip top position all through the festive season, you may follow the checklist to keep up the good oral hygiene.

Maintain your oral hygiene routine

No matter how hard it is to stick to the oral hygiene routine, you must try and maintain it. Although the weight you gain during the Christmas season may be dieted after the New Year but the kind of damage you do to the teeth may never be possible to put right. If you are eating mice pies and Christmas treats, you should brush your teeth after every eating session. Acidic and sugary foods are the chief enemies of the teeth and are the main culprits causing tooth decay and cavities. Most of you might have Christmas treats at home but some even have to visit friends’ places for the meal. In that case you cannot forget to carry your toothbrush. Brushing the teeth after the eating session will go a long way and help the teeth. Teeth will survive through the holiday season and stay undamaged.

Resist the temptation of eating sugary delights

The amount of sugar we end up adding to our blood stream all through the festive season is frightening. The task of preventing cavities is huge for our teeth. No one wants to dampen the festive spirit but at least you can avoid over-eating. Resist that gooey Christmas pudding to help your teeth and dental health.

Try and substitute meals

It is utterly difficult to resist trifles, mince pies and other seasonal favorites but if you wish to keep your weight in check and help your teeth then think of swapping sugary foods for other kinds of meals. For instance, the cheese board might be a great alternative to the sweet pub. Both your taste buds and your teeth will seem to thank you.

Some dental care tips to follow

•    Avoid gooey and sticky sweets since they stick to the teeth
•    If brushing is not always possible, chew a sugar free gum
•    Sip beverages with straw
•    Between alcoholic beverages, keep drinking water and avoid swishing the alcohol.

If you are not careful about your teeth care during and after the festive season, you will have to bear the brunt later on. By being a bit careful you can avoid dental problems.

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