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Teeth care-brushing, flossing and using mouthwash

Three things need to be sincerely maintained at home for receiving proper dental-care and they are brushing, using mouthwash and flossing. If you manage maintaining these three things sincerely then you do not require spending costs on clinical visits.


Though brushing is a common thing but many people do not know how to conduct this activity correctly. Therefore, learning correct brushing methods is quite necessary. Some basic things that need to be followed in this regard are as follows:-

•    Two-times brushing is needed.
•    Chewing surfaces should be brushed well.
•    Tongue needs to be brushed for maintaining fresh-breath consistently.
•    45-degree angle should be maintained at the time of brushing.
•    Back-and-Forth strokes need to be used for brushing inside and outside surfaces.
•    Correct toothbrushes with soft-bristles need to be used.

You can also use medicated toothpaste for receiving improved impacts. Sometimes, doctors strongly recommend some popular toothpaste that can keep your teeth healthy. You can also go for the selection of brands.


Nylon and PTFE floss are the commonest types. Nylon ones are available both in unwaxed and waxed forms and on the other hand innumerable flavors are also found. Moreover, these flosses are not much expensive and thus you can easily acquire them for your daily usage.

Though PTFE is expensive but you will find innumerable flexibilities in it. Toughest corners can be easily reached by this flossing tool. Both debris and plague can be nicely eliminated by these two flossing tools. Flossing needs to be maintained in quite a systematic manner; otherwise the debris will not be cleaned thoroughly.

•    Teeth curves should be gently followed for using flosses in correct directions.
•    Cleaning below gum-line is needed but snapping floss over gums should be strictly avoided.
•    18-inches floss is the most suitable option.


If you want to maintain your hygiene-routine then you should use mouthwash on a regular basis. At least two-times usage is enough for maintaining improved oral-protection. Both flossing and brushing can be well-supported by means of mouthwashes.

Germs can be killed and bad-breath can be prevented by mouthwashes. In this respect, fluoride-rinses can be surely used for getting proper washing of your mouth. Plague-creating acids often destroy your gums and teeth and mouthwashes prevent this destruction in a natural way.

Both gum-problems and fungal infections can be prevented by these dental products. You can even use mouthwash immediately after brushing your teeth. In this way, you can maintain long-time hygiene. You can also carry your mouthwash along in order to use it in times of requirement.

•    Diluted mouthwashes are to be used for receiving better results.
•    Do not ever consider mouthwash as brushing or flossing replacement.
•    Maintain proper timing while using mouthwashes.
•    Right amounts needs to be used.
•    Rinse every corner of your mouth well with mouthwashes for bringing overall oral-health.

If you maintain brushing and flossing together with the usage of mouthwashes then you will never face any dental issues at all.

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