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Teeth Care for Heart Health

Heart disease and dental care are the two things that you might think are not associated. It seems that the distance between these two topics are miles but still they are connected. You have to stay more alert and maintain your dental health to avoid any devastating consequence. Paying attention to your oral hygiene will definitely pay you back in the form of gleaming, healthy and sparkling smile but it will also keep your heart healthy. Evidences prove that gum diseases are linked to heart problems. The fact of the matter is that your mouth produces the substance called tarter and it is white and chalky in nature. If you do not practice healthy oral hygiene, this tarter may harden and become a plague. This substance can also get into the blood stream and overtime do the same thing to your arteries. It can block the blood flow and you may have a heart attack. To decrease the odds of having a stroke, you must follow teeth care tips for heart health.

Schedule an appointment with the dentist

Get your mouth and teeth examined by the dentist. He will check your teeth and recommend ways of treating the underlying dental issues. An in-depth oral examination like teeth x-rays will allow the dentist to check the condition of your gums and teeth. Most probably, he will clean the teeth thoroughly to eliminate the plague building up over time. This will reduce the chance of gum diseases. Follow up appointments will help address dental filling which may be required.

Quit smoking and drinking

A dentist must tell the patient with a gum disease that there is an increased risk of heart ailment. Medical evaluation is important to consider if the patient has the habit of smoking and drinking. Immediately quit the habit of smoking and drinking to save yourself from strokes and heart diseases. To reduce the chance of heart disease, both dentist and the physician must work together. Patients with gum disease and heart ailment require a good periodontal care. Periodontal evaluation is important for the patients with a high CRP level.

Basic teeth care tips to follow

To ensure that your teeth stay in the tip-top condition, do consider the following tips:

•    Brush your teeth twice daily
•    Regular flossing is mandatory
•    Consider replacing your tooth brush every 2-3 months as soon as the bristles are bent
•    Schedule regular teeth cleaning and dental checkups.

Avoid food high on sugar

Simply brushing and flossing your teeth will not help if you do not watch your diet. Many foods that we love to eat give a lot of trouble to our teeth. For instance, foods containing high sugar content are not good for teeth. Sugar will lead to the growth of plague and this will begin tooth decay. Apart from avoiding sweets, avoid aerated drinks, colas and coffee.

Teeth care is a vital factor that contributes to the heart health. Besides regular brushing and flossing, you must also live an active lifestyle. Control your blood pressure, manage your weight and avoid fried food items.

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