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Teeth Care- Home Remedies for Teeth Pain and Whitening

Those pearly whites are crucial part of your body and overall personality. If your teeth are stained and discolored, you will not be able to smile beautifully. Teeth are also responsible for nourishing your body as the food you eat must pass them first. The very appearance, the shine and charm of your teeth reveal the lifestyle you lead and the personality you have. We can say that our persona shines through our sparkling white teeth. Nevertheless, even if you have yellow and stained teeth, it is possible to have ultra-white and sparkling teeth at home. Indeed, teeth have become whiter in the current times owing to the teeth care home remedies for teeth whitening. Not only can you whiten your teeth at home but also you can do away with tooth ache at home. It can happen that the dental clinic is closed due to some reason or you are unable to schedule an appointment with the dentist. Under such situations, you may implement easy-to-follow teeth whitening tips and teeth pain tips stated below.

Ways to get rid of tooth ache

Teeth pain is something that everyone has to bear at some point of time. An excruciating and sharp pain on your teeth can ruin the entire day. Toothache home remedies are simple to follow and extremely fast when you do not have time to visit the dentist. If you experience constant throbbing pain on the teeth, follow the tips:

•    To alleviate the toothache, quickly wrap ice in the towel and place near to the jaws. If your tooth ache is pretty manageable, then this will work best for you.

•    Mix ¼ tsp of olive oil in 2-3 drops of clove oil to alleviate the pain. Soak the cotton ball in this mixture and just place on the area which is affected.

•    To get temporary relief, mix common salt and pepper powder. This will fabulously soothe the areas inflamed and prevent bad breath and dental cavities.

•    Apply the clove of garlic with a pinch of salt to get relief from the pain.

•    An onion a day can also keep the dentist away

•    Gargle with warm water if the pain keeps on coming and going

Tooth whitening tips

•    Eat strawberries which comprise Vitamin C and malic acid. You can also mash the strawberries and brush with this mixture to see the difference.

•    Indeed, flossing should be the part of your teeth care regimen for various reasons. Some even believe that flossing is more crucial than brushing. Regular flossing can help eliminate discoloration and tooth stains.

•    Mix some baking soda with lemon juice and use it as a tooth whitening solution. Apply the paste on the teeth and leave for 1-2 minutes. This is an instant teeth brightener.

•    Eat veggies and crunchy fruits to have healthy set of teeth. The very act of chewing will remove bacteria and food particles.

There can be various other teeth whitening home remedies. When it comes to tooth pain, prevention is better than cure. Make sure you follow a healthy dental care routine.

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