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Teeth Care Routine that you should follow

Looking to have beautiful and healthy smile? You will have to follow teeth care routine, maintain a healthy diet, good food habits to prevent tooth decay bacteria from invading your teeth. Regular dental check up is also important when it comes to removing the stuck up food particles that cannot be removed with simple brushing and flossing. A proper dental care routine can prevent bad breath, tooth issues and gum diseases.

Dental care food you must eat

Your overall health totally depends on the food you eat and the lifestyle you follow. Increase the intake of calcium to have strong teeth and bones. You may start consuming dairy products like sardines, cheese, rice drinks, dark and leafy vegetables, fortified cereals. Apart from these, you should take at least 1000mg Vitamin C, fluoride dosage and Vitamin D.

Avoid tooth stains and discolorations

Tooth staining and discoloration are the aesthetic dental issues that cannot be got rid of with home remedies. Indeed, it is hard to eliminate the stains simply with the home remedies for stain removal. Such dental problem is the result of wrong lifestyle and bad eating habits. When you buy a brush, do not go by the design, the claims of the manufacturer but choose the one which carries soft bristles. The handle of the brush must offer you a comfortable grip. It is important to replace the toothbrush every 3-4 months.

Tips on a thorough oral hygiene

If you can keep your teeth healthy and strong, you will have the set of pearly whites for your entire life. It can even prevent a lot many medical conditions. So, develop a thorough oral hygiene routine to have strong set of teeth. Following are some of the activities that must form the part of your tooth care routine:

•    It is mandatory to brush the teeth twice daily. This is in fact the best oral hygiene habit you can have. Brush your teeth in the morning and once before going to the bed.

•    Do not immediately brush your teeth after eating. This is so because when you are eating or drinking, the enamel can become soft. So, when you brush your teeth after the meals, the enamel can get eroded. Wait for at least an hour after eating.

•    Toothbrushes are available in various shapes and patterns. You may buy a manual brush or an electric one. No matter what brush you buy, it must carry soft bristles. The size of the brush must fit your mouth adequately.

•    Flossing between the teeth, at least once a day, is important. It is good to floss your teeth before going to the bed. This will remove the stuck up food particles from the teeth.

•    Use mouthwash and rinse to keep your mouth healthy. It is good to choose a fluoride based mouthwash or antimicrobial mouthwash.

It is good to avoid sugary drinks and foods that are high on sugar. Your teeth care routine must include regular brushing, regular flossing and rinsing. Avoid smoking and drinking.

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