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Tooth extraction care instructions

Everyone dreads visiting a dentist and wants to avoid all unpleasant experiences. But, you never know when your gums start to throb and your mouth begins to ache. Although your dentist tries to reduce the pain, save your tooth and prescribes teeth care measures, there will be a time when he has to extract the tooth. Tooth extraction is the surgical procedure where the tooth is removed surgically from the mouth of the person. This process takes place in the dental clinic and performed only by a licensed specialist. Here anesthetic is administered and if the dentist is efficient, the tooth will be extracted in a pain free manner. Since technology has advanced to a great extent, tooth extraction is taken as the last recourse. Only when the damage to the tooth is irreparable, the dentist implements tooth extraction.

Tooth extraction after care guidelines

After the dentist carries out tooth extraction, he will give you instructions relating to tooth care. To ensure healthy recovery, you must take care of the tooth extraction area. He will prescribe you light to medium pain medication to subdue the pain. In order to avoid infection, antibiotic course is must to consider. If you see the wound bleeding, do not panic as that can take time to heal. Inform your doctor, if the bleeding takes place for more than one day. You should keep the extraction area dry and clean. After the period of 6 months, the tooth extraction area or the hole will be closed up completely with the gum tissue. In case the extraction area aches, you should take up medical care.

Infection and pain control

It is crucial to take all the medications in a timely manner. If there is any reaction, do get in touch with the dentist immediately. When the numbness wears off, you will have more pain. So, you cannot afford to miss out your medicine. To control swelling, you may apply ice pack to the jaw. Swelling will take at least 2-3 days to subside. Apply the ice pack for 30 minutes at least. Heat will also reduce the swelling and improve comfort.

Oral hygiene and diet

After the tooth extraction is complete, you may begin rinsing the mouth with salt water. Take 8 ounces of warm water and mix half teaspoon of salt and rinse your mouth. Brush extremely gently and be extra careful when it comes to surgery spot. To prevent nausea, drink something within an hour of surgery if you were in an empty stomach during the surgery.

Some general teeth care tips

•    Take your painkillers much before numbness subsides
•    Do not go for work or take any exercise after the surgery.
•    You must sleep with the head propped up after the surgery
•    The numbness should go off within 6 hours of surgery and if this does not happen, call your dentist.

By following the teeth care tips after tooth extraction as stated above, you can prevent much of the discomfort and pain. It is always good to stay in constant touch with the dentist.

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