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Wisdom Teeth Care tips to follow before and after surgery

Wisdom teeth are the last and the third molars on each side of the jaws. Wisdom teeth are the final teeth that appear when someone is in the early twenties. There are many who get their wisdom teeth extracted in the twenties only. But, not everyone is required to remove the teeth. You should better consult your dentist whether it is necessary to remove the wisdom teeth or not. People go for wisdom teeth extraction when there is not much space in the mouth for the last four teeth. Then, there can be chronic pain in the gums that surround the wisdom teeth. If the teeth appear misaligned and are not straight, then also extraction will be needed. Cyst can also develop around the teeth, requiring you to remove the wisdom teeth. If there is pain or discomfort, it is better to remove the teeth before the age of 20. The wisdom teeth care tips are important to follow.


Pre-surgery instructions

There can be various reasons for removing the wisdom teeth. The treatment and the extraction procedure depend on the condition. In case, the teeth appear to be erupted, they will be removed. Just after surgery, the dentist will ask you to bite gently on the piece of gauge for at least 20-30 minutes. This will limit bleeding to a great extent. Similarly, if the teeth are impacted or embedded within the bone, the surgeon will place an incision in the gums to remove the teeth section wise. This will minimize the bones being removed. Before you undertake tooth extraction, get in touch with your dentist to learn the entire procedure and what to expect. Before the surgery, you are not supposed to take blood thinners or any medicine like aspirin. The length of the tooth extraction procedure may be 1-2 hours, depending on the number of tooth to be removed. Your dentist will administer local or general anesthesia.

Post surgery instructions

The following are the wisdom teeth care tips to be followed after the surgery:

•    In the first hour of surgery, you will be given a gauge to bite. Bite for at least 40 minutes so that the bleeding stops and there is the development of nice blood clot over the incision.

•    The rest of the day must be spent on the bed. You are supposed to rest as much as possible.

•    The mouth needs to be kept clean even if it is healing. An antibiotic mouthwash must be used to rinse the mouth. This can be prescribed only by your dentist. Do not rinse vigorously.

•    Do not smoke for at least 10 days after the surgery.

•    Make sure the blood clot or scab does not come out before the healing of the mouth. For this, avoid sipping anything which is thick. Dry socket can be very painful.

Bleeding is pretty common after tooth extraction and there is nothing to worry. Swelling can also take place just after the surgery. Apply ice pack on the jaws to reduce the swelling. If you experience pain in the mouth, do take pain killers as prescribed by your dentist.

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